Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2011

Media of Pakistan: Not all wishes become news

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By Farheen Rizvi

Zulfiqar Mirza’s October 9th 2011 appearance on media has left many question marks on his motives and media’s role to distort the peace of Karachi. The targeted operation is carried out on non-discriminatory basis while the suspected people from all the political parties are in the jails going through interrogation process and Supreme Court has announced the suo moto verdict of Karachi killings case which was another sense of relief for the people of Karachi. People have noticed a significant difference in the situation since operation started and process of coalition between political parties has started again to strengthen the peace in Karachi.  In the current scenario if Zulfiqar Mirza who has been rejected by his own party and didn’t get much attention from supreme court after his first press conference comes out on media with an unknown plan to destroy the whole process by his fake allegation and abusive language. Then here media has a responsibility to decide which issue to highlight to maintain the peace while all the stakeholders are trying to play their part. This is on record that his statements have spread hatred among certain communities and broke out riots in Karachi.

Pakistan is going through a very critical situation where energy crises has snatched the employment from many. Baluchistan is facing insurgency with the involvement of external forces. Punjab is suffering from the outbreak of Dengue and Sindh is drowning under water. During this time if we hear meaningless press conferences full of bashings on other political parties, the criticism on the decision of Supreme Court and bashing on his own party’s fellows than this should be considered as harassing the citizens of Karachi and distorting the peace which they are waiting for more than three year.

The Supreme Court verdict is a mirror to all the political parties and a warning to the government that where they are lacking in good governance and how the political parties are involved in illegal activities to maintain the power.

People of Karachi and all the political parties have welcomed the verdict but Mirza is the only one showing no confidence on it and looks like he is the only one affected by it more than any political party. Zulfiqar Mirza has been considered a failed home minister of Sindh and according to Sindh Police’s yearly reports published on official website the killings, kidnappings for ransom, land grabbing, extortion and street crimes were on the rise especially in Karachi during his tenure.

Most of the population living in rural areas is deprived of quality education but owns a television set at homes and same is the condition with the slums’ population of urban areas like Karachi and Lahore. At this point media can play an important role of an educational institution which can help the state in the betterment of Pakistan by telecasting educational programs for the youth of this socio-economically deprived class. Telecasting baseless talk shows and airing press conference of a rejected man will not do good for the common citizens but will add more depression to their already over- stressed lives. Media criticizes on the role of politicians through their talk shows and by making comedy parodies but they must also understand more aspects of their job and duty which they owe towards Pakistan.

They have to judge their role and act like a responsible pillar of the state. Currently in Pakistan media has become the platform to promote sensationalism and agenda of those who don’t have any credibility in the public. Media has to decide its role and realize that “not every wish become the news”.

— Farheen Rizvi is based in USA.

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