Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2012

Winds of Change!

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There is no denying the fact that legislative assemblies play a key role in the country’s law-making process. How enlightened a country is can be gauged from the public representatives who make the upper and lower houses of the state.  Because if the rulers and law-makers are enlightened, broad-minded and a real reprehensive of the common, the end result will be improvement of the entire society. But in our country that’s not the case and the fact that we suffer is that our assemblies and senate is overcrowded by feudal lot who want to maintain the status quo in the society and continue with the age old ways, blocking way for betterment and progress. However, with people getting educated and enlightened, winds of change have started blowing giving a dent to the dynastic politics and corrupt political culture paving way for the real representative of the public. Though there is still a long way to go but things have stated heading in the right way.  The recent election of the MQM Senators is a case in point where the candidates got elected without spending a penny.  This is some thing  revolutionary in its nature. The election of  MQM senators—Syed Mustafa Kamal, Nasreen Jalil, Tahir Mashhadi and Barrister Farogh Nasim— indicates that a new chapter has begun and they will take ahead the struggle for the middle class people as envisaged by their Quaid Altaf Hussain.

Elections to the Senate were held on March 2 for 45 seats total of 100 seats in the Senate was the regular election whose winners will serve for six-year term. The traditional parties got a lion’s share in the elections but for parties like Muttaheda it is really a good omen to have got four seats, enhancing their strength to total seven.

The matter of the fact is that MQM has always spearheaded efforts for emancipation of the oppressed including the women and served the cause of common man as such the success of the four MQM senators mean that such efforts will now find a greater platform in the form of Senate from where it will influence upon the opinion of other fellow senators and be a part of the legislation making.

The purpose to say is that in the backdrop of the enlightened lot they are, they should bring a voice of experience to the Senate and also play a part in building the kind of maturity our nation needs at this crucial juncture of period. The reality is that our Senate is in dire need of such seasoned and sagacious politicians’ who aim to focus on finding legislative means to rescue the country from the multitude of problems’ ranking from economic woes to social ills to feudal clutches that it currently faces.

One would agree with MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain, who was quoted to have said that the election of MQM senators is the ‘beginning of real change’. ‘The end of the decaying feudal system, corrupt political culture and dynastic politics had started. Time is not far when the educated, capable and honest people will get elected and reach the assemblies. One hopes that the senators to work with honesty and even-handedness by rising above the differences of caste, colour and creed.

It is also good to note that MQM in the post –Senate election have focused on the bigger problems like they have said to raise their voice for the recovery of the missing persons, rights of the oppressed people and abolition of the decaying feudal system in the Senate and every other forum they will deem fit for raising voices.

One more thing is that going by the available reports, the most striking feature of the MQM senators is that did not spend any money and yet made to the upper house. On the contrary, reports circulate that up to Rs350 million was paid for one vote in the Senate elections.

It all indicates that a new era is upon us i.e. of emancipation and enlightenment. But new era will also bring new challenge and such it is up to the new senators to meet those challenges and influence upon the working of the Senate by duly taking part in all the deliberations with utmost sincerity and dedication to make the change a success.

Only then can the politics of feudalism will abolish and voice of common man will prevail in society over the dynastic politics that are gnawing at the roots of our society.

They must try to come up to the expectations of their leader Altaf Hussain and the masses at large. The eyes of the oppressed are upon them. In this backdrop, one would agree with the young and energetic Mustafa Kamal who was quoted as saying: not a single penny had been spent by the MQM on getting its candidates elected. “It is a real change in the country that non-electables have become electables.”

To conclude on may say the more enlightened, broad-minded and sagacious our Senators are, the better for our country.  As the democratic institutions are becoming stronger, the feudal and sardars are being replaced by the learned lot which is a good omen. It indicates a major shift in the thinking of our society and show that we are heading towards integration and enlightenment.



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