Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2012

Why local bodies polls being delayed?

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By Agha Masood:

It’s a good omen that the Sindh Chief Minister has said that  the elections  of local bodies will be held on party basis unlike the chief Minister of  Punjab who had  declared that the elections of local bodies will be held on non-party basis, a legacy of military  rule. However it has been  observed that PPP government does not want to hold the election of local bodies simply because she is afraid that the  masses will not vote for her especially when  it has miserably failed to deliver anything tangible to the people of Pakistan especially the Sindh where she enjoys absolute power.

Although in 2008 elections PPP  was committed to bring about meaningful change and give visible relief to the common man economically and socially.

The leadership had also promised that  soon coming to power they will  hold local bodied  election to  consolidate democracy  at the grass root level, but so far they have not fulfilled  their promise for holding local bodies elections. This does not augur well for a party who claims to  represent the people at grass root level.

For the last four and half years the leadership of PPP has been issuing  statements in the media and assuring the people for holding elections of local bodies   as soon as possible, but no  practical steps have been taken to hold the elections.

On the contrary the PPP has deliberately inducted the bureaucracy to look after the affairs of local bodies as was done in the past to subjugate  the masses and put the issues relating to the welfare of the people and solutions of many   smaller issues at the back burner thereby depriving the people of their   constitutional rights. This is a gross violation of the constitution as also a conspiracy against the people.

On the contrary the MQM has always demanded of the government to hold the local bodies elections so that the problems of the masses at the  local  level be solved as also the law and order situation which  is  extremely bad and  worrisome could be brought under control. Once the leadership at the grass root level is empowered  as was witness  four and half years ago when the local bodies system was efficiently run by the elected  representatives of MQM.

Even when Niamatullah of Jamaat-e-Islami was the mayor, he too brought good  change in the metropolis and elsewhere but the contribution of MQM leadership cannot be forgotten. Mustafa Kamal under the guidance of Altaf Hussain worked day and night and changed the face of Karachi by building roads, bridges, parks and hospitals  which is almost a miracle. Similarly in Hyedrabad the MQM leadership developed the basic infrastructure of this historic city setting up an example to others that a genuine leadership can turn the table in the favour of people who  repose trust in the elected leadership that they would turn the table. Because of sincere work of MQM, the PPP leadership is afraid to give them power through local bodies and want to delay the elections on one pretext and the other.

Denying the people of their rights, the feudal setup of PPP is deliberately trying to weaken the democracy and manipulating to withhold the local bodies elections to keep its hold on masses. This attitude of PPP leadership  both at provincial level as well  at Federal level is clear manifestation of their desire not to give power to the masses and instead indulged in massive corruption to destroy the  state institutions at the altar of personal  and narrow  self interest.

This  is a very sorry state of affairs and so far there is no light across the tunnel but a common man is not disappointed, he is well  aware why the local bodies elections are not being held and  deliberately delayed by PPP  just  to get some more time to plunder the resources of the nation, but how long?

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  1. MQM beleive in empowerment of people. Democracy is meaningless without 3rd tier of Givernment.

  2. Qazi Kabeer says:

    MQM Always Want to resolve the problems of the citizens,
    Local Body is beneficial for citizens.



  4. Saqib says:

    Its the game of power and money. PPP is using all possible power tactices to delay LB elections as much a possible. The reason is pretty obvious. In Sindh Metropolitan are stronghold of MQM,by not conducting elections PPP government controls the city by using administrators.

    LB elections must be conducted ASAP to save the bigger cities of Sindh.

  5. PPP is simply scared to loose the power that they have through rotten commissionary system. They know this very well that masses will elect people like them and they cant see the power goes down to common people.

  6. syed farukh says:

    PPP basically belongs to FEUDAL S don’t want to uplift Sindhi life trying to keep them SLAVES .Creating urban rural divide in order to keep their POWER ALIVE.SINDHI PEOPLE STILL LIVE IN FOOLS PARADISE AND PLAYING IN THE HAND OF WADERA

  7. Wasim Zaidi says:

    “You can hide but you can’t run’ is what we can make of this situation. PPP Government has delayed the prerequisite of service to humanity. It may seem a distant reality for now but they can’t afford to sleep on it for too long.

  8. Asim Syed says:

    Whether its a PPP government or PML(n), they can’t tolerate seeing middle class to be empowered. They are feudals and mill owners. They can disagree with each other in other matters but they are together to stop every possible step which could lead administrative powers to be transferred to middle class and local level. Everyone should unite against this feudal system otherwise please do not complain why community problems are not being solved.