Published On: Tue, Oct 22nd, 2013

Jimmy holds 5 Int’l exhibitions

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From M Zahid Rifat

Lahore: World-renowned Pakistani artist and social crusader Jimmy Engineer has organized as  many as five international exhibitions of his selected creative work quite successfully and impressively  in four different countries around the world in less than 8 months in quick succession to each other.

These art shows of Karachi-based artist and social worker were organized in Singapore, Indonesia,

Thailand and Canada in collaboration with Pakistani missions and local organizations to promote  goodwill, better understanding and cultural harmony between the peoples of Pakistan and these  countries and at the same project and promote soft, moderate, positive and forward looking image  of Pakistan and its people through his art before the comity of nations telling the artists, art lovers and  the visitors from all walks of life that people of Pakistan are peace loving and not extremists and hate  terrorism in all its manifestations. Jimmy Engineer had participated in group show of Pakistani artists in the National Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia in February and this had coincided with his solo art show at Art Font Gallery of Singapore  Management University also towards end of February. Much bigger display of prints of his selected art work including Pakistan Movement series of paintings and architectural compositions was again held at the Singapore Art House in June, at prestigious Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand in June-July and recently at Promenade Gallery in Mississauga, Canada from August 12 to September 30 as part of the South Asian Heritage Festival of Mississauga organized by the Canadian Community Arts Initiative.

Except Indonesia, all his art shows in other countries were solo and he had displayed his art work for the first time in Indonesia and Thailand.

Giving a resume of his international art shows so far held, Jimmy Engineer told his journalist friends during stopover here while going to Islamabad from Karachi after his return home from long stay in

Canada that all these exhibitions were quite successful and the objectives were fully achieved. He reiterated that he was proud of serving his motherland, Pakistan, through his art by holding more  and more international exhibitions of his creative art work in different countries around the world  as he regarded himself as the servant of Pakistan. He said during inter-actions with the visitors to  these exhibitions had told him that they were not only quite appreciative of his creative work but also  have become greatly aware about soft, positive, moderate, progressive and forward looking image of  Pakistan and its peace-loving people.


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