Published On: Thu, Apr 3rd, 2014

The city of lights or the city of crime?

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Karachi that was once referred to as “THE CITY OF LIGHTS” has now become one of the most lethal cities of the world. Citizens are getting killed every day by bomb blasts and target killings (Result of political tactics or feuds; they are more highlighted by media rather than the normal killings in the city). The ones who are lucky enough to survive these mishaps, fall victim to snatchings on gunpoint, theft, abduction for ransom and other unlawful happenings. There might not be a single individual who would disagree to my point and claim that he or she haven’t fallen victim to the criminal activities I have mentioned above. Especially youngsters are familiar with the grief of getting their phones or valuables snatched, which might have happened to them once or even numerous times! A person who leaves his house daily to earn bread for his family is unaware whether he will return home safely or not. Media is playing its role to the fullest by publishing and telecasting all the news regarding these activities but the authorities don’t seem to be bothered at all. Police on the other hand has failed to protect the citizens as they are busy in giving protocol to the higher authorities. Somehow in Karachi suffering is destined only for the poor and white collared.

Hareem Sajjad

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