Published On: Sat, May 17th, 2014

Cheating in Inter Board examinations: stop playing with future!

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Examinations that are held for the purpose of making the students study and to acquire some knowledge for the sake of shaping a better future seem to be a joke here in Pakistan. Some students do bother to study, but others? They don’t. For them the easiest way possible through these examinations is cheating. Although examinations halls are being monitored by teachers and invigilators but it doesn’t seem to have any possible impact on these students. Mobile phones that are prohibited in the examination hall are taken inn by the students and every one knows for what purpose. They either have friends outside who text them the whole answers or in the worst scenarios the higher authorities telling them the answer to every question. Small paper cuttings ( pharray ) is the easiest way to cheat as they can fit easily in your pockets and pencil boxes too. But why take this botheration when the simplest tactic is taking the whole book with you! Moreover, by investing some money students even get to do their papers in the comfort of their home sweet home where they can easily get access to all sorts of study material. Authorities to date haven’t caught anyone who is involved in getting access to board copies and providing them to students. The question somehow is that who should be blamed for these happenings? Who should be considered guilty for this situation? Those students who are not only cheating themselves, but their parents as well as the whole society or the higher authorities who despite of all the promises can’t stop this curse of cheating? If only students could understand that they are literally playing with their future and those who are helping them are not their well wishers.

– Hareem Sajjad
Federal Urdu University, Abdul Haq campus

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