Published On: Tue, Jun 10th, 2014


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Since almost a year every evening one hears heated debate on T.V channels if our Government and the “Establishment” was on one-page or otherwise.  Both the two arguments since always are equally heavy, the silent majority can’t form a true conclusion.  One thing, however, of course, has no argument to the contrary and that is that our masses and our governments had never been on one-page at all.  Nawaz Sharif during his second “Qarz Uttaro” tenure in the first ever Overseas Pakistanis Convention in Islamabad attended by history’s largest congregation of Pakistanis working abroad invented a new term that Overseas Pakistanis (OPs) were the “real ambassadors of Pakistan”.  He offered these so called Ambassador to take over in Pakistan whatever they wanted in as much as the Pakistani Embassies abroad. He offered these OPs can run these Embassies themselves.
What was the practical side of all these offers is another issue.  22ndMay 2014 His Excellency the Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar arrived Bahrain for a one day visit accompanies by a Federal Minister, some MPs including TV appearing “your most loyal” General ® Qauyyum.  His Excellency very kindly scheduled his evening, unlike usual practice, to meet the ordinary Pakistanis in the Pakistan Community Club.  He along with his colleagues addressed the over packed Auditorium and very patiently listened the frustrations of the ordinary souls. It is a usual and normal protocol that the country’s mission high officials invariably accompany the visiting VVIPs.  None from the Pakistan Embassy was seen in this gathering of the “commons” proving the already beyond any doubt proved that the Pakistani community at large and the Pakistani functionaries abroad hardly are ever one one-page. For majority addicted to mera sultan taste it may be insignificant, for serious sensible minority it is food for thought.  We as a nation have earned many unique distinctions in the world which other nations can even not think of.
This distinction also goes to our national credit that Pakistan is the only country in the word whose nationals in different countries had in the past filed formal complaints against Pakistani embassies officials.  A verdict by the Lahore High Court about 15 years back (pre Iftikhar Choudhary era) re Pakistanis abroad v/s Pakistanis diplomats will always remain very alive glittering with golden rays in the history.
– Muhammad Javed
Kingdom of Bahrain

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