Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd, 2015

Undergraduate education: A prescription for failure

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Universities in Pakistan are attempting to produce doctoral graduates out of ill-prepared undergraduates and that is a prescription for failure (‘We need more doctors in this house’, Dawn, Nov 3, 2013). The undergraduate education, which is mostly provided at colleges, is one of the most neglected sectors of higher education in Pakistan.

Higher education in Pakistan has been going through tumultuous periods and major transformations since 2002 when the Higher Education Commission (HEC) was duly established to improve its status. While the creation of HEC generated an enormous interest and attention and considerably facilitated improvement of education at universities, colleges have been left orphaned – seriously neglected and at times subject to outright deterioration. They are unable to provide a quality education to their students. One could have foreseen this problem but not much has been done to address the plight of colleges.

This neglect which is seriously jeopardising the success of higher education in Pakistan was pointed out almost six years ago in an article (‘A call for commission on undergraduate education’, Dawn, Jan 27, 2008). –Agenciues


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