Published On: Mon, Apr 20th, 2015

Talent Extravaganza 2015

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Extra-curricular activities help unearth hidden talent of the young ones. They are a must for physical and mental growth of the children. That’s why reputed schools and educational institutes lay added emphasis on such activities. Habib Public School’s Talent Extravaganza 2015 of the Senior Section was held recently in the school gymnasium. The members of the Habib family including Trustees, Principals, Heads and faculty of HPS – all gathered on one platform to enjoy the colourful evening. The event began with the entrance of the chief guest Mr. Muslim R. Habib, Managing Trustee of Habib Education Trust.

The programme started at 4:00 pm with the National Anthem of Pakistan, followed by Ms. Nargis Alavi’s (Principal) welcome address – in which she shared the school belief that co-curricular activities are an integral part of the school system where the students get a platform to show their talent and, after saying that she added that she was sure the events of the evening will speak for themselves. The colourful event comprised 8 major performances; an excellent humorous Urdu skit ‘Akbar and Beerbal in Karachi’ which was full of great humor – which went along with a play by Anatole French, an English Play titled The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife. It was the story of a man who was fooled by his ego and greed, seeking perfection,  leading him to cure his beautiful mute wife so that she can speak and fulfil his desire to hear her voice.

In the ultimate analysis, the story was not set only for laughter, but, it conveyed also an essential lesson of life-that we must learn to be content with what we have. Another One Act Play – a ballad performed by the students of the Middle Section –  was also full of deadpan humor and bitter irony.

The theme portrayed how children grow up very fast: literally a poem on the passing of time. It was a blend of emotions and divine music portraying that a relationship between a father and a son is very precious hence cannot be neglected during these busy times: which was an act out of a famous ballad sung by Cat Stevens called Cats in the Cradle. A musical Folk-rock dance, with its deceptive approach and precise co-ordination left the audience charmed, amazed and mesmerized.

The magic of music and illusion had both taken the audience by storm. A classic Urdu play Chacha Chakkan by Imtiaz Ali Taj was a play full of the chacha’s wit and humor along with the  chachi’s mode of depression.

A shadow – dance performance titled “Hope” was followed by a scintillating dance performance which was highly technical in its own vocabulary! An essay on creativity and fireworks of rapidly moving steps – symbolizing HOPE (through shadow dance).

The show ended on a heart wrenching performance where the young boys really held everyone captive: A tribute to Our Army. The act was so strong and powerful that it brought tears to every eye and was applauded with a standing ovation. Last but not the least, the filler songs by various students added a sense of relaxed energy to the event.

Ms. Shahwar Ahmad (Vice Principal) acknowledging the effort, commitment, dedication and hard work of the students, teachers and administration, emphasised that it was all an example of team work for  which Habib Public School is now well known which actually contributed to the thundering success of the evening.–Agencies


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