Published On: Fri, Mar 25th, 2016

Letter to Editor

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Classist Curriculum

I want to draw attention of concernd educational policy makers through your daily that education is the basic right of every pakistani as per article 25-A of the constitution. But, Unfortunately, the literacy rate in Pakistan is dangerously low. A suitable education provides a child with longlife benefits and a user-friendly curriculum is the most important aspect of education and it should be developed by the renowned academicians of our country and that too, according to its needs and requirements. The curriculum should include the history of sub-continent as well as modern technology.It should also include moral education, as weel as incorporate current affairs. The curriculum should be reviewed and updated regularly after three years.

The same syllabus should be used for all pakistani students, no matter how rich or poor ther are. This, in turn will ultimately end discrimination.

Muhammad Nazir Khan

 Illegal parking

I want to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards illegal, double and triple parking on the streets of karachi. There are no proper parking areas in local bazaars so drivers park their vehicles in front of shops, Oblivious to the problems they cause to passing cars. Huge traffic jam occurs at various times of the day and night because of parked vehicles blocking roads and leaving little to no room for other cars to go through.  There are numerous places where the relevant authorities, especially the traffic police, do not take action against drivers.

Secondly, people abuse one another for unlawful parking, resulting in big fights. It is the responsibility of every citizen to park in an appropriate place. Be it the malls,parks,restaurants or any other public place, there should be a separate parking area for vehicles and, If people still park illegally, they should be fined or punished according to the traffic law.

                                                Muhammad Nazir Khan

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