Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2016


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Health Care: Need of the hour

In today’s disease-ridden world, healthcare for the populace is of paramount importance. It is the responsibility of the government to provide healthcare facilities to the people. In this regard, the National Health Programme, to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, is a sign of hope and relief for people living in abject poverty. Under this programme, free of cost medical treatment of fatal diseases, including diabetes, cancer, angioplasty and others, will be provided to people living on incomes below the poverty line. Since healthcare is the topmost priority of the provincial government, it has also launched Punjab health insurance cards. Under this scheme, health insurance cards will be issued to poor families through which they will be able to avail quality treatment facilities at hospitals without paying any money for it. Moreover, the establishment of mobile health units, the formation of the Punjab Healthcare Commission and initiation of the Hepatitis Control Programme are ample proof of the government’s firm resolve to improve healthcare delivery in the country. Whatever has been done is appreciated, but more efforts are needed as healthcare access for all citizens is the need of the hour.

Muhammad Nazir Khan

Sewerage System

I want to draw the attention of the authorities through your newspaper towards the most important issue of present era in Karachi that is sewerage lines problems in the biggest city of Pakistan.As we all know that the water and sewerage board of karachi are not taken keen interest on this issue.

There are many issues occurs due to this such as the dirty water is overflowed due to chokage of lines which is caused by garbage and manyother things. We regularly see the stagnent water spread in almost every area of the city. People of Karaachi are very disturbed with this problem. Students going to their educational institutions faces severe problems to reach their institutions, Employees of different oraganization also faces this problem every morning.

Secondly, On the other hand dirty and stagnent water spreading  several diseases in the society. Most dangerous diseases are spreading through this stagnet water throughout the city. The smell of stagnent water also causing serious suffocation to the Karachites. Government should take remedies to solve this problem , which is one of the biggest issue of Karachi city nowadays.

Muhammad Nazir Khan

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