Published On: Mon, Apr 4th, 2016

A Dilemma by Metro Bus Project

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The need of modern transport system in Karachi like Metro bus project cannot be denied which will be economically, socially and logically necessary and beneficial for the country as Karachi is the port city and economical hub of Pakistan. Transport sector is perhaps the biggest consumer of energy resources of the country and a significant contributor to the noise and air pollution, especially in urban areas.

To address the transport related problems in Pakistan, Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project (PAKSTRAN) is being implemented by government of Pakistan. The objective of the project is to reduce energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions from Pakistan’s transport sector, while simultaneously improving urban environmental conditions and enhancing Pakistan’s competitiveness. Improving transport sector is a good attempt but when it comes to contructions of roads there is a huge dilemma as about 150 to 180 kilo meters of track will be laid down for 4 routes in four different directions including MauriPur to Landhi, MauriPur to Sohrab Goth, MauriPur to Surjani Town and MauriPur to Orangi and residents of Karachi have already witnessed the mess of unchecked and unsystematic constructions of roads and other projects in the past causing enormous damage to the environment.

Mismanaged construction, pollution and encroachments have blocked Karachi’s water passages. Due to which great hurdles and problems are faced by the citizen when it rains in Karachi. There are three main outfalls of drainage to the sea from Karachi. One of them, the Gizri Creek, has the upscale Phase 7 Defence Housing Authority (DHA), home to the city’s rich and powerful, built on it.

All that we are left with is approximately an 80 feet nallah. When there is high tide, or rain, the water cannot get out. The result is that it gets choked. Similarly, the major Mai Kolachi bypass has been built over a drain.It should have been elevated to avoid problems and to the west, the Karachi Port Trust colony was built over marshland.

The purpose of reciting these examples is that no major road projects should be built on water bodies in Karachi, Government should make sure that the building control authorities have thoroughly checked  the drainage before approving any construction as mere construction with a proper system or map may result in total mess.

– Mehwish Akhter

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