Published On: Tue, Apr 5th, 2016

Street crimes in Karachi

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Last year brought a remarkable decrease in the number of incidents of target killing due to efforts of Karachi Police and Rangers. According to a report by Karachi Police,the percentage of target killing has decreased by 48% but the ratio of street crimes is still high.

To decrease the street crimes in Karachi is an enormous challenge for security forces as even after the Karachi Operation being completed people and their possessions are not safe in Karachi. According to records mobile phones of  34,797 people were snatched,18,587 people were deprived of their motorbikes similarly 1,882 people deprived of their cars in the previous year.

According to a report, since July 2014,in the duration of more than 16 months 958 culprits are killed in Police encounter,16,503 are arrested,287 terrorists are killed,87 are arrested,7 targets killers are killed and 41 were arrested 96 kidnappers are killed. Collectively the number of culprits killed in police encounters is approximately 1,354.

Even if we accept these reports as accurate then the circumstances should be positive and peaceful, but it is not as street crimes are continued till date. Higher authorities and law enforcement agencies should pay attention towards it.

A new strategy to curb street crimes is being implemented by DIG Police Karachi. And I hope this time the strategy will bring a positive outcome by decreasing number of street crimes.

– Mehwish Akhter

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