Published On: Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

Numerous funds but progress of education system still stagnant

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Despite of numerous amounts of aids and funds obtained from first world countries, specifically from US, the condition of education system is still stagnant in Pakistan. The question that rises is “were these funds go if it is not being utilized for the progress of education system??”

Few years back in 2009 the Kerry-Lugar-Berman act was passed by the US Congress aiming to provide $7.5 billion to Pakistan over five years to improve educational opportunities for the country’s estimated 52 million school-aged youth. The target was about to build or repair 10,000 schools but achieved, less than ten percent of that goal, with 989 schools being repaired or build.

In initial discussions, Sind Ministry of Education asked USAID not to give them the money directly due to the high risk of corruption and inefficiency so US agreed on providing the aid through the government still the constructions of these schools was not inaugurated till February 2014.Another thing to be highlighted is, it not only granted funds for the construction but also for the teacher training programs in which about 12000 were enrolled. If we go on searching we would find plenty of such programs that have provided funds for education but the outcome is still zero.

Recently a news report revealed that about 8000 schools were closed due to lack of staff while some schools are over staffed at the same time. Why is there such mismanagement even when there is funds which can lead to a better education system if utilized in appropriate manner. Similarly a $66 million world bank-assisted project “Sind Global Partnership for Education” has lately been affirmed by the Sind government with an objective to form a monitoring system that will evaluate performance including teachers’ attendance. Let’s see to what extent will the government be successful in attaining the goal this time.

– Mehwish Akhter

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