Published On: Thu, May 11th, 2017

Immigration officer compares Sara Khan and Mahira Khan

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Catching attention from her drama Baykhudi, the actress had recently signed another show named Laiken. Since the beginning the star spoke about how well Pakistan treated her. While talking to Pinkvilla, Sara talked about how the two industries vary saying, “Working culture is different. A few though yet major differences are there. Over there they don’t believe in creating sets at all. Every location is a real location. The makeup is also very natural. It doesn’t feel as if it is some shoot happening but like a real life thing, it’s so natural. After working in Pakistan I realized that realism is very important. The real incidents that they focus on are executed well in their shows.” “I never faced any tension or stress at work. You know, my producers out there were very considerate considering I was the only Indian out there. I got more respect because I was an Indian,” she responded when asked about any kind of problems faced in Pakistan.–Agencies


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