Published On: Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

After Karan Johar, its Kangana Vs Farah Khan

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Bollywood’s movie director, Farah Khan was quoted slamming Kangana for “playing a woman’s card” recently after controversial ‘Queen’, Kangana Ranaut openly dissed Hrithik Roshan and his father in an interview and now Farah has something else to say.

The ‘Happy New Year’ director was talking to media whilst promoting her new TV show, ‘Lip Sync Battle’ and was caught in between the fire when she said: “I don’t want to take anyone’s name. I don’t want to get caught in between. But every time you are playing a woman’s card. For me feminism is equality. In such a scenario a man should put himself in a woman’s shoes and vice versa and then it becomes easy to understand each other. One should deal with such matters carefully,” Indian Express reported.

Farah in return received a lot of backlash for her comments but she clarified her quote at an event saying: “I have been misquoted; to that girl I haven’t even said anything. I had not taken anybody’s names. Feminism I believe in. I’ve been a feminist long before the word was invented, and that I truly believe that it should be equal to both.”

She added, “People are grown up enough to know what they want and frankly they are not my very close friends. Unless it’s my family member or I feel I have the conform factor to call up and say why you doing this, I don’t interfere in other people’s business.”–Agencies

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