Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

Challenges to state’s writ have been defeated: Army Chief

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KARACHI: The Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa has stated we live in one of the most volatile regions of the world, dealing with multiple crises since inception, but increasingly so during the last four decades, however, we have a much improved security situation on the internal front and the challenges to the state’s writ have been defeated.

The Army Chief was addressing seminar on ‘Interplay Of Economy And Security’ in Karachi here Wednesday.

General Bajwa said, “We have to continuously ensure a viable balance between economy and security. Only then will we arrive at a future that ensures sustained peace and happiness for our people.”

The Army Chief went on to say we need a comprehensive effort to pursue National Action Plan and remove vulnerabilities well before they turn into threats. Many of the planned measures, if implemented timely, will contribute directly to the economic and even political stability of the country.

Referring to improved security in the country, Army Chief said due to dedication and sustained hard work of Army and other LEAs, slowly and gradually, the improvements in security environment have started to pay off. “We have had mega events in the country in the fields of sports and culture this year. Recently, we not only had the most peaceful Muharram in years but the Bohra community validated our claim of improved security by selecting Pakistan for their annual gathering.”

Similarly, early harvest projects, both CPEC and non CPEC, are nearing completion; with Pakistan Army providing security to our Chinese friends, he added.

“If I were a statesman or an economist, I would say that this is high time for us to place economic growth and sustainability at the highest priority. Let me share with you that during National Security Council meetings, economy remains one of our highest concerns. But in order to secure our future, we must be ready to take difficult decisions. We have to increase our tax base, bring in fiscal discipline and ensure continuity of economic policies.”

At the micro level, nothing exemplifies the linkage between economy and security better than the city of Karachi itself. “When our enemies want to choke Pakistan, they try to destabilize Karachi because when Karachi bleeds, Pakistan bleeds,” the General said.

It is because of this sensitivity, that peace in Karachi has been our top priority. We have worked very hard to restore peace and now hope that economic activity would return at a fast pace, the Army Chief hoped.

However, in order to maintain sustainable growth and progress, we must ensure law and order in the entire country.

At the end, General Bajwa thanked the organizers for holding this seminar on such an important topic.


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