Published On: Sat, Nov 11th, 2017

Pakistan Awami Ittehad formed under Musharraf’s leadership

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KARACHI: A new political union, Pakistan Awami Ittehad, was formed on Friday under the leadership of former president and army chief Pervez Musharraf.

An office of the new political alliance has been opened in Islamabad, said Musharaff while adding that he and other leaders of the alliance would be among the people and work for their betterment.

Musharraf said the PML-N and the PPP are destroying the country and the people should be rid of such forces. He added that the PPP has been finished the province of Punjab.  Speaking during the teleconference with the leadership of the new political alliance, the former president said that support should be mobilized in the rural areas of Sindh in order to defeat the PPP in the province.  Musharraf also expressed hope that Pervez Elahi would become part of the alliance, with Mushraff saying that Elahi has always supported him.  Speaking in regards to Nawaz Sharif, he said the political future of Nawaz is over and added that a new political force should come to the forefront in Pakistan.

Referring to MQM-P, the former president expressed concern at the state of affairs of the party but said he is not a fool to become the leader of half a party.

He added that the alliance between MQM-P and PSP was unnatural and added that his vision is to see the Muhajir community united under name

Musharraf further stated that the name of MQM has been tarnished and they too should join Pakistan Awami Ittehad. He advised the party and its workers to stop calling themselves Muhajirs and refer to themselves only as Pakistanis.  Musharraf, who left for Dubai in March 2016, claimed that he was ready to come back to the country and face the cases registered against him.

The former president and army chief also expressed concern at the state of affairs in the country and said he does not want to create more confusion in regards to the upcoming elections.

Earlier, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) leader Mohammad Amjad said if MQM-P  and PSP become part of their alliance, then Musharraf may assume the role of [their] leader.–Agencies


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