Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2018

Kashmir Solidarity Day Resolution

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On Feb. 5, Kashmiris and Pakistanis all over the world observed Kashmir Solidarity Day to reiterate their resolve to liberate Kashmir from Indian aggressors. It is now 70 years that India, right after the dawn of independence of the Sub-continent, had occupied the Muslim majority Kashmir by force of arms against the wishes of the people of that state.

The people of Kashmir never accepted the Indian hegemony and have since waged an unrelenting struggle for freedom from the Indian yoke. India has deployed a huge army comprising over 600,000 troops in the occupied Kashmir. Besides this armed suppression of the Kashmiri people, India has launched a propaganda dubbing the Kashmiris freedom fighters as terrorists.

At the same time, India has consistently defied the UN Security Council resolutions calling for an internationally supervised referendum to enable the Kashmiris to decide their political future.

The United States and many other western countries have ignored India’s continued occupation of Kashmir for their own reasons, while many Arab and Muslim countries have been misled by India’s propaganda although its duplicitous policy with regards to the Palestinians’ struggle now stands fully exposed after the recent visit of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to India and the defence and other deals signed by the two countries.

One hopes the western countries as well as all the Arab and Muslim countries would see through the Indian propaganda and its duplicity and come to the support of the Kashmiri Muslims in their struggle for their right to self-determination and freedom from Indian yoke.


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